Useful Italian Phrases

Useful Italian phrases compiled by Alyssa!

Basic every day greetings/polite things to say…

  • Hello/Good Morning (formal): Salve/Buongiorno
  • Goodbye (formal): Arrivederci
  • Hello/Goodbye (informal): Ciao
  • Good evening: Buona sera
  • Good night (only to be used when you are literally going to bed): Buona notte
  • Yes: sì
  • No: no/non
  • Please: Per favore
  • Thank you: Grazie

When in a restaurant…

  • I would like…: Io vorrei…
  • Without: senza
  • With: con
  • Tap water: acqua dal rubinetto
  • Can I have the check please?: Posso avere il conto per favore?
  • I’m allergic: ho un’allergia  (If you have an allergy, please see me and I can help you phrase something to your specific needs.)
  • *Buon appetito: (have a good meal) something that is polite to say to a group of people around you just before you all start eating. It’s not mandatory, but it’s polite, and usually Italians will say it for you if you haven’t already, but they’ll give you the look.

When you are looking for something or are in trouble…

  • Excuse me/pardon me: Mi scusi
  • Where is…: Dov’è il/la…
  • Help me!: Aiuto!
  • I’m lost: Mi sono persa
  • Hotel: albergo
  • Bathroom: bagno
  • Train station: stazione dei treni
  • Subway: metro
  • Police station: centrale di polizia
  • Hospital: ospedale
  • Go away: vai via
  • Leave me alone: lasciami stare
  • Leave: vattene
  • I don’t want to: non voglio

Things that locals may say to you, that you may want to ignore…

  • Vieni con me: come with me
  • Sei bellissima!: You’re beautiful! (depending on who this is this could be wonderful, or wonderfully creepy)
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